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A “Really Fun” Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on February 20th, by Nob Hill Design in Outdoor Living. Comments Off on A “Really Fun” Outdoor Kitchen

A “Really Fun”  Outdoor Kitchen

Last night I decided that I should put some elk steaks on the grill – our locker in Elizabeth is on overload since my guys are so talented.  Even though there was snow on the ground and it was a bit windy, elk tenderloin sounded soooo good. So I ventured out to light my OLD gas grill and after many tries with my butane flicker, it finally fired up.  Seems like somebody my age (55) shouldn’t have to work so hard. That’s when it dawned on me that I needed to design an outdoor kitchen for my beautiful flagstone patio.  I do it for other people.  It’s about time I had one myself!

I don’t need a fancy fireplace or a water feature.  Just a functional yet beautiful outdoor cooking space to prepare a great meal.   A grill that works, a refrigerator that cools, a sink that drains and a counter top with plenty of room for preparation and a great glass of cabernet.  One company I really like is Kalamazoo  – They have every component for an outdoor kitchen. Like the pizza oven that I wished I had worked into my indoor kitchen remodel but ran out of room….and money!  I could make New York style pies at home!!!

It may be too cold to embark on  this outdoor project, but never too early to plan.  I am certainly going to give it serious thought!  You might want to think about it too.

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