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The Evolution of Home Design

Posted on May 8th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design, Outdoor Living, Small Spaces. Comments Off on The Evolution of Home Design

      According to Claire Easley from these trends talk about how the future of home design is shaping up.


Smaller and Closer to Main Street

It is said that one of the biggest trends is that people are moving back to “Main Street” and into smaller homes. The trend is particularly strong among boomers looking to downsize. They want to sell their houses in the suburbs to move closer in to be able to walk to the movies.

While statistics imply the trend toward smaller homes recently reversed, builders attributes the “flip” to the fact that  home buyers are all looking for product that is “smaller and well crafted.”

Much of the credit goes to the success of architects Marianne Cusato and Sarah Susanka in popularizing small-but-smart home design, as well as the overall improvement buyers perceive in appreciation for quality. Communities … Read More »

A Small and Very White Apartment Kitchen – Help!!

Posted on January 23rd, by Nob Hill Design in Small Spaces. Comments Off on A Small and Very White Apartment Kitchen – Help!!


Trying to turn a tiny, stark white apartment kitchen into a fun place to cook, organize life and eat can be no small feat. So I found out when helping my niece in her 420 square foot darling apartment in Chicago. The landlord said no paint, no wall coverings, no anything! So what to do?

We started with a mocha brown desk that had previously been   in a bedroom but had no home in the new space. We surrounded the desk with a couple of black bookshelves and a great bentwood chair. A colorful piece of artwork and a small pub table and chairs for dining fit nicely in the space between the kitchen and the bedroom. A few fun accessories added color and pizazz.  So the long and short of it…Small spaces can be a challenge, but the possibilities … Read More »

Wall Coverings – They’re Back!!

Posted on October 6th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Wall Coverings – They’re Back!!

If you’ve noticed that wall coverings have staged a quiet but accelerating return, you are not alone. Modest textures and prints of the past have evolved into dramatic effects rivaling tile, stucco and wood to name a few.  Wall coverings are a great complement to paint and the coordination between the two is once again an asset.

Gone are the gruesome hours of peeling off wall paper in 1/2″ segments – that is unless you are unfortunate enough to be removing wall coverings that were hung a number of years ago.  But don’t let that stop you!! Hang in there, get it off, patch your walls and try your hand with the new revolution of wall coverings. Manufacturers are changing the way wall coverings are made, generating new materials, prep methods and adhesives that are high performance, easy to hang and … Read More »

From Trash to Treasure

Posted on April 9th, by Nob Hill Design in Reuse-Recycle. Comments Off on From Trash to Treasure

When I saw this  picture I thought it was one of the greatest design ideas for a living room sofa  I had seen in a long time.  Two palettes destined for the junk yard made into a “couch”.  Not just a couch but a place for storing books, CD’s – you name it.  Four cushions and some throw pillows – so creative, inexpensive and so easy.  I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest…… what a fun site full of wonderful ideas.

I suppose you could use any of the current buzzwords to describe this piece of furniture.   Green design. Repurposed. Sustainable design.  To me they all mean the same thing.  Using something over in a new way instead of throwing it away.  Lots of us have been doing it for years by going to garage sales and flee markets.  I will … Read More »

Do You Really Need a Big House?

Posted on April 2nd, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Do You Really Need a Big House?

My son Tyler gave me a gift card to “Barnes and Noble” for Christmas.  I knew immediately what I wanted to purchase.  I hopped in my car and took off to get the “Not so Big Remodeling” book by Sarah Susanka.   Of course I own all of her books so I needed to keep my library up to date.  Why this book you ask?

The future of America is downsizing.  No one needs a 5000 square foot home any more.  Actually they never did!   Who needs their own home theatre?  Who needs a lap lane?  Who needs a four car garage?   The population is aging and the demographics point to smaller families.  It is time to be realistic and build homes that are tailored to fit the way people really live.

Go to  for more information.  I think you will love … Read More »

Stone & Pewter Accents – Lunada Bay Tile

Posted on March 26th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Stone & Pewter Accents – Lunada Bay Tile

Take a look at this amazing tile line.  The Sumi-e (Japanese for “calligraphy”) Collection from the Lunada Bay tile division of Stone & Pewter Accents is perfect for  both commercial and residential applications. The walls of this beautiful bath are adorned with 1-3/8″ x 6″ glass tiles produced using a unique hand-pouring process.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful field trip.  Sumi-e blends brilliant glass pigments into crystal-clear recycled glass resulting in a stunning and deep color effect.  To even think going green has to be boring!

Each Sumi-e tile has its unique variation of color, tone and shade. Plus, there are creases, wrinkles, waves and bubbles… all topped off with a natural glass surface that catches and filters all forms of light. Absolutely gorgeous.

You can find these tiles at Decorative Materials at the Denver Design District. You can go on your … Read More »

Grab Bars in my Shower?

Posted on March 19th, by Nob Hill Design in Aging in Place. Comments Off on Grab Bars in my Shower?

I spent the past week taking classes on a favorite subject of mine – interior design for the aging population.  I’m proud to say I passed three tests (Ugh!) and now am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist!  That sounds impressive doesn’t it.  But what does it mean?

Did you know that 25% of the US population is age 50 or over???  I had no clue!  That statistic is huge!!  I don’t know about you, but after a four mile walk, I sit down with an ice bag on my knee that has blown out from skiing and my husband pops a few ibuprofen for a rock climbing injury – something we never did 10 years ago.  I think we are subtlety being nudged to think about how our home may need some modifications if we plan to keep on climbing … Read More »

The “Traditional” Side of Room & Board

Posted on March 12th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on The “Traditional” Side of Room & Board

I love Room & Board.  I’ll say it again.  I LOVE Room & Board.  I love their craftsmanship.  I love their quality and style.  I love their timeless designs.   And I really love the fact that their product is American made.  They may be focused on the thirty-something crowd that make up the majority of R & B’s demographic, but their appeal is more widespread than you might think.

I work with a large number of baby boomers and know that they are very interested in design and have a strong concern for quality and value – maybe even more so than the “kids” in their 30’s.  When I suggested to a an empty nester couple that we consider Room & Board pieces for their family room, they were hesitant at first but were more than thrilled when I showed them … Read More »

Working With An Interior Designer

Posted on March 5th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Working With An Interior Designer

It seems for some that hiring an interior designer sounds like a completely crazy idea.  The thought, “How much it is this going to cost?”  swirls around the frontal lobes and can be the start of a mild panic attack.  The sad part is that few people understand that in most cases, a designer can actually save you money.  If you have a particular design in mind but the price seems nuts, there are various avenues that can be explored and changes that can be made in the design to pry the price tag off the ceiling. A good designer can help you establish an overall game plan (right down to the light switch plates) before any spending frenzy takes place.  They can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Good designers have the uncanny ability to envision a room, not as it … Read More »

Residential Design for Commercial Buildings

Posted on February 28th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Residential Design for Commercial Buildings

I was reading an article this weekend by Travis Mileti of Mountianworks, Ltd in Cashiers, N.C.  He talked about the fact that the buildings we once used for commerce had lots in common with the homes we lived in.  He spoke of how that style of commercial building still appeals to small businesses and their consumers today.  I am sure you have seen quaint gift shops, law offices, insurance agencies and restaurants that fit this model and look like a inviting home.  (Wouldn’t it be easier to get your teeth cleaned if the dental chair was facing a glowing fireplace instead of a stark clinical wall?)  Some of these buildings have been remodeled.  Some are new construction.  But one thing is for sure – the demand for these commercial spaces is increasing as businesses continue to attract new clientele through … Read More »

A “Really Fun” Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on February 20th, by Nob Hill Design in Outdoor Living. Comments Off on A “Really Fun” Outdoor Kitchen

Last night I decided that I should put some elk steaks on the grill – our locker in Elizabeth is on overload since my guys are so talented.  Even though there was snow on the ground and it was a bit windy, elk tenderloin sounded soooo good. So I ventured out to light my OLD gas grill and after many tries with my butane flicker, it finally fired up.  Seems like somebody my age (55) shouldn’t have to work so hard. That’s when it dawned on me that I needed to design an outdoor kitchen for my beautiful flagstone patio.  I do it for other people.  It’s about time I had one myself!

I don’t need a fancy fireplace or a water feature.  Just a functional yet beautiful outdoor cooking space to prepare a great meal.   A grill that works, … Read More »