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From Trash to Treasure

Posted on April 9th, by Nob Hill Design in Reuse-Recycle. Comments Off on From Trash to Treasure

From Trash to Treasure

When I saw this  picture I thought it was one of the greatest design ideas for a living room sofa  I had seen in a long time.  Two palettes destined for the junk yard made into a “couch”.  Not just a couch but a place for storing books, CD’s – you name it.  Four cushions and some throw pillows – so creative, inexpensive and so easy.  I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest…… what a fun site full of wonderful ideas.

I suppose you could use any of the current buzzwords to describe this piece of furniture.   Green design. Repurposed. Sustainable design.  To me they all mean the same thing.  Using something over in a new way instead of throwing it away.  Lots of us have been doing it for years by going to garage sales and flee markets.  I will never forget the time I bought  a large crock in Oklahoma .  It was about 24” high and 18” in diameter.  The gal who sold it to me said, “Now honey, remember me every time you make pickles”.   I had to laugh.  I had a circular piece of glass cut  about 8” larger for the top and made it into an end table.  I still use it today – 30 years later.

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