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Lisa Bowman, Allied ASID, NKBA, CAPS
Interior Design Consultant

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interior design For over 10 years, Lisa Bowman has been turning ordinary spaces into spectacular ones. The breadth of her knowledge and experience is unparalleled, and this is reflected in each of her designs.

Take a look at the Nob Hill Design Portfolio to see these timeless designs.

So how does a space transform in the eyes of this woman?

About Interior Design

Many people wonder about decorating their home or office and whether they should hire an interior designer to do it for them.

Interior design is the multifaceted process of redesigning a space. In general, we consider the following aspects of any interior design project:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Special Concerns
  • Design Styles

Functionality In Interior Design

Functionality is perhaps the single most important aspect of interior design. Understanding the function of a room is the primary concern of an interior designer, as it lets us design a space to serve the purpose for which it is intended.

Some examples of functionality might be:

  • Entertaining guests: This means that the space has space for many people to be comfortable, that it accommodates different ways of bringing people together, that it allows different activities to take place, and that it’s still easy to get around when crowded.
  • Lighting: Does the space have enough lighting to properly function?
  • Accessibility: Is the space itself and are all the features of the room accessible to everyone who will be using them? If the room is intended for children, aging people or disabled people, does the room accommodate those people?

A great interior design identifies the functions of the space and meets the needs of the users before getting into aesthetics.

Aesthetics In Interior Design

The second-most important concern of an interior designer, after functionality, is aesthetics. At this stage we answer questions like: “What is the mood of the room?” “What is the style of the client?” “How do you want the space to feel?”

Colors, fabrics, furniture layouts, patterns, lighting – all of these are considered aesthetically as well as functionally.

Special Concerns in Interior Design

Of course there may also be special concerns, above and beyond the function and aesthetics of the room. Maybe your waiting room looks worn and dated but you have no idea where to start. ¬†Perhaps you’d really like to keep a sofa that is a family heirloom. Or you have to stick to a pretty tight budget. Or maybe you’re planning on having children soon, and you’d like a design that works with and without children. We’re happy to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Interior Decorating & Design Styles

We often get questions about interior decorating and design styles. People ask us if we can do French country-style designs, or shabby-chic designs. Of course we can! But we prefer to think of every design as a new style: YOUR style!