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Residential Design for Commercial Buildings

Posted on February 28th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Residential Design for Commercial Buildings

Residential Design for Commercial Buildings

I was reading an article this weekend by Travis Mileti of Mountianworks, Ltd in Cashiers, N.C.  He talked about the fact that the buildings we once used for commerce had lots in common with the homes we lived in.  He spoke of how that style of commercial building still appeals to small businesses and their consumers today.  I am sure you have seen quaint gift shops, law offices, insurance agencies and restaurants that fit this model and look like a inviting home.  (Wouldn’t it be easier to get your teeth cleaned if the dental chair was facing a glowing fireplace instead of a stark clinical wall?)  Some of these buildings have been remodeled.  Some are new construction.  But one thing is for sure – the demand for these commercial spaces is increasing as businesses continue to attract new clientele through warm and inviting surroundings.

Residential designers are a great choice for these projects according to Mr. Mileti.  He states, “The same principles found in great house design can also be used to make office and retail spaces more efficient, functional and inviting”.   The rooms are generally smaller and in proportion to human scale and the furnishings and finishes replicate the nurturing features found in a home.  Even though commercial buildings need to meet various codes not incorporated into residential projects, those features can become inconspicuous in a good design.  Outdoor spaces can be a perk as well – lunch on the patio for employees can be a real treat!  (Maybe even a volleyball pit and a BBQ!)

So if you are a small business owner thinking of opening a new office or relocating an existing  commercial space, think of a residential designer to help you meet your needs.  We are ideally suited to help you realize your vision and design the workplace of your dreams.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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