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Wall Coverings – They’re Back!!

Posted on October 6th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Wall Coverings – They’re Back!!

If you’ve noticed that wall coverings have staged a quiet but accelerating return, you are not alone. Modest textures and prints of the past have evolved into dramatic effects rivaling tile, stucco and wood to name a few.  Wall coverings are a great complement to paint and the coordination between the two is once again an asset.

Gone are the gruesome hours of peeling off wall paper in 1/2″ segments – that is unless you are unfortunate enough to be removing wall coverings that were hung a number of years ago.  But don’t let that stop you!! Hang in there, get it off, patch your walls and try your hand with the new revolution of wall coverings. Manufacturers are changing the way wall coverings are made, generating new materials, prep methods and adhesives that are high performance, easy to hang and … Read More »