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Working With An Interior Designer

Posted on March 5th, by Nob Hill Design in Interior Design. Comments Off on Working With An Interior Designer

Working With An Interior Designer

It seems for some that hiring an interior designer sounds like a completely crazy idea.  The thought, “How much it is this going to cost?”  swirls around the frontal lobes and can be the start of a mild panic attack.  The sad part is that few people understand that in most cases, a designer can actually save you money.  If you have a particular design in mind but the price seems nuts, there are various avenues that can be explored and changes that can be made in the design to pry the price tag off the ceiling. A good designer can help you establish an overall game plan (right down to the light switch plates) before any spending frenzy takes place.  They can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Good designers have the uncanny ability to envision a room, not as it is, but as it can be.  That may seem odd, but that’s just how their minds work.  They can help you make decisions if you are indecisive and they can help you face your fear of making a change. They can take that fun little pile of pictures you’ve cut from magazines for years, all of those fabric swatches and all of those paint chips you’ve collected and pull them all together. They know how a project takes shape, how it goes from being an idea to a reality and ends up being the space of your dreams.  It’s amazing, actually.

Good designers help you develop your own personal style so it is a reflection of you. They can do it even if they don’t like your style.  And if you don’t like your style, a good designer can help you reinvent yourself with something new. Your home will become a place you want to be and it will make you feel good to be there.  That is what interior design is all about.

So next time you are trying to design your space on your own but it isn’t living up to your expectations – not even close – it might be helpful to hire an interior designer. Of course you could go to the spa and have a massage, but don’t you think your house deserves a little pampering?

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