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Design & Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Custom Bedroom Design, Bedroom RetreatIdeally, a bedroom design should be geared towards just one goal: rest and relaxation. Design and decorating ideas for bedrooms should use the space to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and calm. The bedroom is the most private room in your house; it’s about you, and you should feel completely at ease in it.

Long, restful sleep is so valuable and rejuvenating. With a wonderful, newly designed bedroom, restful nights can be an every night occurrence!

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In the interest of comfort, we like to keep bedrooms simple: a bed, a comfortable chair, nightstands and maybe dressers. Keeping the clutter of daily life out of sight is important here, because it won’t be on your mind while you’re getting ready for bed. At the forefront of great bedroom decorating and design ideas, three factors come to mind: fabrics, colors, and closet organization.


Fabric does so much, especially in a bedroom. From the carpet, to wall coverings, to the bed set, you can create a wonderful sense of warmth with bedroom fabrics. Try wool wall coverings, or silk window treatments. Carpets that are ultra-soft and plush set your day up right, from the moment your feet hit the ground. And what’s better than curling up in a down-filled 500-count Egyptian cotton comforter? Long winter nights will be the perfect excuse to dive under the covers.


Neutral and calming tones work well for the bedroom. But within those categories, there is so much variation. Multiple shades of the same calming color have a nice effect. Try different patterns and textures as well utilizing wallpaper as it is making a big comeback. Consider the quality of light that the room gets, and use colors accordingly.

Closet Organization

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom relaxing and clutter-free is to design a closet that makes organizing your stuff effortless. Intelligent closet design seeks to understand your habits and accommodate them accordingly. The idea is to have a place for everything, easily accessible and visible. From shoe compartments that are well laid out, to clutch bag holders, to lighting that allows you to see everything, Lisa can turn your closet into an epitome of organization and accessibility.

The bedroom is where design can really change your life. The quality of your sleep goes up, and your private space becomes intimately connected to your style and preferences. Intelligent bedroom decorating ideas will revitalize your days and nights.

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