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Lisa Bowman, Allied ASID, NKBA, CAPS
Interior Design Consultant

Dining Room Decorating & Design

Dining Room Design, Dine in Style Every home has a designated place where people can gather and share meals. Some architectural design cordons off the room, even putting it behind closed pocket doors. Others extend the area off the kitchen in a more open floor plan. Many homes are designed with a specific ‘dining room’ which is separate from any other rooms in the house, but still very accessible. Whichever way your dining room comes into play, its design should bring out the combined comfort-factor of food, friends and family.

Let Lisa Bowman turn your dining room into an extraordinary place to gather and share meals with friends and family. Where guests and loved ones will feel so at ease and your meals and menu are showcased delectably. Great dining room decorating and design ideas create rooms that make eating at home better than any five-star restaurant.

Take a look at some of our favorite dining rooms.

The Basics

Dining room decorating and design, whether it’s of a spacious, dedicated room or a modest kitchen nook,
has many components, but let’s focus on just three basic elements:

  • ✓ Tables
  • ✓ Chairs
  • ✓ Storage


A beautiful table is the centerpiece of a good dining room. But it has to be more than attractive; it has to match the functionality of the room as well. Round or rectangular; large or small; extendable or fixed? Round tables are great for hosting larger groups, but usually there’s less flexibility in increasing or decreasing size. It’s quite strange to have a romantic dinner for two at a large round table, whereas a rectangular table is more suitable for some spaces as extensions can be added or subtracted.

Tables are made of wood, glass, iron – you name it. Which material will best suit your needs, be easy to take care of and match the aesthetic of the room?

Lastly, the dining room table is most often paired with overhead lighting of some kind. What kind of lighting would you like above the table? A low-hanging, simple light gives a more modern look, while an ornate chandelier, high above the table gives a nostalgic feel. And, of course, we’ll find you just the right kind of rug to site beneath that perfect table.


Often overlooked, chairs play a vital role in any dining room. Not only do the height, width and back of the chairs determine how comfortable your dinner guests will be, but the style, upholstery and material of the chairs have a remarkable impact on the mood of the room.

Mismatched chairs feel informal and fun. Upright chairs have a formal, rigid style, while more curvy chairs seem inviting and comfortable. Maybe a bench would be a good addition – one that you could pull up for large informal events. Upholstery is yet another important element – what splash of color would make dining room spring to life?


Every great dining room can find an elegant solution for storing and displaying dinnerware. Perhaps it’s plates on the wall, or a buffet that works perfectly. Maybe you prefer a trolley for bringing dishware from the kitchen, one that looks gorgeous and works as a moving buffet for the entire room. From classic furniture pieces to built-in cabinets, dining room storage can be an opportunity for creativity.

Whether it’s an outdoor dining area or a breakfast nook, your dining room can be the most loved room in the home. For reading the paper in the morning or for entertaining 30 dinner guests on Thanksgiving, a great dining room is functional, beautiful and totally comfortable.

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