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Lisa Bowman, Allied ASID, NKBA, CAPS
Interior Design Consultant

Design A Living Room With Nob Hill Design

Custom Living Room Design A great living room is inviting, comfortable, stylish and bold. It’s the room in the house where you can take the most stylistic license – choosing furniture more for its aesthetics than its function. Because of the options you have, when you design a living room you can decide what you want to project to guests, and how you want to feel when you relax at home.

In consulting with you, we will go through a discovery process to understand your needs and give you a variety of options. Your living room will look new and exciting, and you’ll enjoy your home so much more.

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The Power Of Furniture Placement

In a poorly designed living room, the furniture clings to the edge of the room – looks heavy, cluttered, and worn out. Sometimes all you need to do is pull the furniture away from the walls and organize the space in a more interesting, creative way. Create small areas where people can sit and talk close to each other. Add an area rug to unify the space. Put some pieces on an angle. You might also find that removing some furniture creates a more spacious, minimal effect.

Lisa Bowman has a keen eye for furniture layout, and she can find some pretty magical ways of organizing space even with your tried and true furniture. Imagine what she can do with some new pieces!

Intention for the Room

Will you be entertaining and having parties in the living room, or will you mostly be relaxing and reading a book?

Lisa will bring in her expertise to discover exactly what surroundings will complement your personality and lifestyle.


It’s truly amazing what artwork does to your living space. Perhaps prints are your style, or maybe you would like to hang some great family photos, Lisa can even help you select just the right piece . She’ll make sure that everything is hung properly, and that it has enough room around it to shine.

Include Lisa’s keen eye for artwork when you design a living room, and you’ll find your wall space has sprung to life.


Don’t underestimate the power of accessories to tie a room together. Bring in some beautiful bowls from the kitchen. Or find candle holders that fit nicely. Perhaps you want to curate your coffee table book collection, or you just want the perfect coasters for protecting the furniture. From pillows to throws to candles and vases, whatever your living room ideas, Lisa will find some wonderful accessories for you.

Unity In Color Scheme

Colors do so much for a living room design, from creating a relaxing mood to adding vibrancy and pizzazz. Warm colors like reds and yellows are better for rooms that simulate physical activity. Cool colors (blues and greens) and neutral colors offer a calmer atmosphere.

Lisa is a masterful color consultant. She knows just where to brighten up a dark corner with a vibrant splash of a sunny color or where to be more subdued and sophisticated with a color choice.

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